Ap Biology Your Inner Fish

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Cheyenne Grindrod
AP Biology
Mrs. Lancaster
05 August 2013
Chapter 1: Finding Your Inner Fish
(b) Prediction: Judging by the image of the magazine cover, this chapter will cover fossils as well as evolution. Perhaps it will talk about how land and water organisms are similar.
(c) Description: The magazine cover is Tiktaalik which is a very famous fossil that is the first to show aquatic creatures becoming more associated with being on land and adapting. Tiktaalik is the first cross between fish and tetrapod. The chapter speaks of all the necessities and struggles of uncovering fossils and the wonderful things discovered by them, such as the fact that Tiktaalik is over of the first creatures that showed similarities
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The following week, a wrist had been uncovered; they had found a fish with a wrist. When more had been revealed, the professionals found that Tiktaalik had a shoulder, elbow and wrist with all the same bones of a human which implied that Tiktaalik was capable of doing push ups. Like us, Tiktaalik can bend its elbow and wrist into the form of a push up and it had massive crests and scars where large pectoral muscles would have attached meaning Tiktaalik had the muscles to do so. With this capability, it is evident that Tiktaalik was built to navigate the bottom of shallow streams and ponds or flop in mudflats along banks. Another fact proving the theory is that a human’s elbow is a ball and socket joint where the radius and humerus meet; just as it is found in Tiktaalik.
What proves the theory that humans were once related to fish is that the earliest creature to have the bones of our upper arms, our forearm, even our wrists and palms also had scales and fin webbing and all of our extraordinary capabilities arose from basic components that evolved in ancient fish and other creatures.

Chapter 3: Handy Genes
(b) Prediction: It is possible that this chapter will talk about the mutation of genes or evolution of genes to form different and new things or different adaptations on different organisms.


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