Unit 12 Task 2

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`P4 Explain the main factors affecting the current patterns of health in the uk
M2 - Discuss the factors likely influence current and future health patterns in the uk
D1 - Evaluate the influence of government on factors that contribute to the current patterns of health and illness in the uk

It is highly known that there is a difference in social classes, culture and socio-economic lifestyles between the north and south of England. This ranges from the accessibility of treatments, the range of income and life expectancy and also morbidity and mortality rates. (© Times Newspapers Limited 2015) This can be known as the postcode lottery. Although the government try to enforce health care provisions to prevent these health
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For example, if the black plague was to reappear there wouldn’t be as many victims as there is standards in place to control, monitor and eliminate diseases. Although the NHS is accessible by all UK residents there isn’t a never ending pot of funding, although high income countries have the biggest inequalities as the money isn’t shared equally. The government has set a policy called the ‘national waiting list’ to enforce equality throughout the UK. This policy means that no matter where in the UK you’re from, whether it be London or Rhyl you all wait your turn to access treatment such as a new kidney. This enhances people’s chances of treatment, as a person from a rural area may be a day’s travel away from treatment which would mean their chances of treatment would be slimmer. Unfortunately this policy plan did not go very well may be due to cutbacks by the government to the NHS, a report was published by the guardian newspaper stating “In February, nearly 40,000 admitted patients did not start consultant-led treatment within 18 weeks of referral, and more than 13,000 waited more than 26 weeks. The target is for 90% to receive treatment within 18 weeks but only 87% did so.” (© 2015 Guardian News ). The failure of this plan once again wouldn't effect the South as badly as they have a typically higher income, which means they can access private health care. A pattern of ill


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