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1. Discuss the four components of corporate social responsibility and how they relate to a charitable campaign such as (Product) RED. (Product) RED shows their corporate social responsibility by engaging different companies that have products that "we" as the consumers use every day. Also, by engaging a great cause as the Global Fund to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa shows they are making an effort to society to fight this devastating disease. (Product) RED showed their ethical and moral responsibility to the companies by keep purpose of the campaign as the most important reason than who and how the products were made. As long as the product was being made within the legal terms of the law, then many people tend to contribute. Oprah's, …show more content…

(Product)RED has its own website which gives you the list of the companies and their contributors of this campaign. They clearly explain the purpose of the campaign for such a cause. Their website allows you to see what the campaign has been doing with the contributions and how its helping the people of Africa. It give the opportunity to the consumers to blog and ask questions and express how they feel. 4. A year after (Product)RED's launch, Ad Age reported that although $100 million had been spent on marketing the campaign, only about $25 million had gone to the charity itself. Industry observers speculated that this could trigger a backlash against the campaign. Do you believe the criticism is justified? Do you think the campaign could lose supporters as a result? Yes I believe that the criticism is justified. If we are spending millions of dollars and have only seen the a percentage of the money going towards the charity then a question could be raised. Where is all the money going? As a supporter I would like to know that my hard earned money is going towards the great cause and not into someone who already has millions. It leads little to be desired if you feel that we are contributing partially to the cause and we could be contributing more.
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