Scavenger Hunt

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Use the ECPI Catalog available found here: . It is the newest edition. Answer the following questions found within the ECPI University Catalog.

Instructions (These should be posted under the document upload activity in Moodle):
Upload completed assignment here. Copy and paste each question into a Word document and respond beneath each question in full sentences. Answer each question in your own words (do not copy and paste). Provide the page number on which the information is found. Save the document as first name, last initial_scavengerhunt. Example: CrystalE_Scavengerhunt.
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Scavenger Hunt Questions
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Academic Progress 1. What is a Change of Program? How many times can it be done? What actions are not considered a Change of Program? 2. How is Class Standing Determined? 3. What is S.A.P? 4. How does S.A.P affect you as a student? 5. What is the Maximum Time Frame for completion for an incomplete? 6. How is your grade point average (GPA) calculated? 7. Provide an example of a GPA calculation. 8. What is a grade of W, and what effect does it have on your GPA? 9. What is a grade of I, and when can you be assigned an I? 10. What is the time frame for appealing a grade? 11. Describe the process of challenging out of a course. 12. How long do you have to challenge out of a course? 13. How do you determine what courses you could challenge out? 14. What is an Externship? 15. In the case of Interruption of Enrollment, what is the importance of five years and one year? 16. What is an Independent Study? 17. What is the course retake policy? 18. What are the requirements for graduation? 19. What are Foundational Courses? 20. What happens if you do not pass a Foundational Course? 21. What is the policy on Make-up tests/Re-tests? (Please answer for your program if it has specific requirements.)

Other Important University Information 22. If you start as a night student and later


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