The Walt Disney Company and Hidden Mickey

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Anna O’Malley
Jasmine Austin
Public Speaking

Informative Outline Example
Disney Hidden Secrets

General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose: By the end of my speech, the audience will be able to identify three hidden secrets they probably did not know about Disneyland and also some history on the amusement park.
Central Idea: The happiest place on earth has a few interesting facts that most people don’t know about.
Organizational Method: Informative
Disneyland, opening in 1955, has become one of the happiest places on earth. With having close family in California, and growing up there practically, I have been able to experience Disneyland well over at least 15 times. I got to thinking about all the great stuff
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111. The happiest place on earth has some odd facts. A. When Pirates of the Caribbean opened in 1967, they used real human skulls as props. B. At night when all the guests leave, around 200 feral cats are emitted into the park. They were first found sleeping in the Sleeping Beauty Castle, and kept around due to a mouse problem. You will not see them in the day though, they are kept in feeding houses. C. High inside the Matterhorn ride is a basketball court. It’s a part of the employee breakroom, and Los Angeles Lakers center Vlade Divac has been there to shoot hoops. D. The employee breakroom is hidden underneath all of the Disneyland Park. Disneyland is actually the second floor of it all. Walt Disney thought it would ruin the magic if the characters where walking to one scene to the next, so he made an underground scene where Disney can go from one job to the next. E. Cast members who hear parents telling their children that characters are just people in suites, are immediately required to call the child abuse hotline.
Signpost: Disneyland is a place you always heard about, but most people probably haven’t heard about the crazy and somewhat weird facts that are not always talked about.
I know not all of you here have been to Disneyland or Disneyworld yourself, but the history and secrets of Disneyland make it a wonderful place to visit for all ages. Starting from a rough history, Walt Disney made his