Case Study: Opening Your Own Dunkin Donuts

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“Case Study: Opening Your New
Dunkin’ Donuts Locations”
MGT 330: Management for Organizations
Professor Bryan Aylward
August 24, 2015

As the rising District Manager for the new Dunkin’ Donuts stores, many factors must be presented, analyzed, promoted, and executed. Opening new stores requires innovative ideas, being ahead of the game with the newest trends, and stabilizing the stores for the least amount of turnovers. Managing stores also means maintaining respect while coaching is vital. This requires feedback on both upward and downward channels of communication. For the purpose of this paper, Dunkin’ Donuts will be assessed and evaluated based on its job and organizational designs, criteria for recruiting and
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Not only does the shift leader know all of the roles of the crew team, but he/she also establishes the team environment. The shift leader assigns each employee’s duties and delegates tasks. If there is an employee that did not show, this person must be able to reorganize the store and find another person to replace that position for that shift. He/she may also open and close the registers for each employee to make sure all money is account for and to see if any employee’s drawer was short. Additionally, a clean store is one that customers will return to. The shift leader must maintain sanitation requirements to meet the state requirements (Dunkin’s Brand Group, Inc., 2015). In the operating core are the Crew Team and the Bakers. The Crew Team must expedite food and beverage orders quickly and politely. They are also responsible for maintaining cleanliness in the store and working the cash register. Cleaning the restrooms, kitchen, and dining area are part of the responsibilities for this entry-level position, as well as mopping and cleaning equipment. The baker is responsible for checking the quality of the ingredients and to ensuring consistency of the recipe. They have to make sure the workstations are sanitized, as well (Dunkin’s Brand Group, Inc., 2015). Job specification goes hand-in-hand with the job description. As stated in “The Five Functions of Effective Management”, this is a “list of requirements that applicants must


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