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Application of Community Health and Population Focused Nursing
VWT Task 1
Cassidi Roberts
Western Governors University

Community Health and Population Focused Nursing McKinney, Texas is “unique by nature”. As one of the fastest growing cities in the US, McKinney has a current population of more than 149,000, located 30 miles north of Dallas and is the seat of Collin County. McKinney offers rolling hills, lush trees, a historic downtown square and unique neighborhoods and developments. The city ranks number 2 in the CNN’s Money Magazine Best Places to Live in America’s list (Live Edit, n.d.). According to the US Census Bureau (2010), McKinney was one of the most populous places to live with a census of 54,369 in 2000 and
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Since the city of McKinney has a behavioral health facility, it was noted during the Disaster Assessment and Planning Guide, that the city has recognized the need to provide additional training and emphasis around providing appropriate safety measures for the vulnerable or at-risk behavioral health patients. In August of 2013, Medical Center of McKinney conducted a comprehensive disaster exercise event at the Behavior Health hospital where the hospital staff worked with local EMS and Fire, Emergency Management officials, and an EMTF-ambus was present for the evacuation of these specialized patients of the community (D. Cannefax, personal communication, Aug. 2014). In conclusion to the discoveries, McKinney is a finely honed community, where the quality of life is perceived to be above average due to the high population of educated residents who are financially sound. The culture assessment tool was used with the published statistics to determine the how different cultural groups cope and deal with stress, in addition to note any prevalent health conditions within certain cultures. The community invests in disaster management planning to ensure the safety of the residents of McKinney. However, concern is increasing for mental health disorders within the community related to drug and alcohol abuse. McKinney’s Mayor Brian Loughmiller states, “Our community has a consistently high quality of life for our residents, no matter how we grow or change” (Live


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