Tiny Opera Company

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BSBSUS501 Assessment 1

Unit Name: BSBSUS501- Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability

Course Name: Diploma of Business

Tiny Opera Company operates in a rural NSW town. Colleen Starr started the company after moving to the small town from Sydney in the late 1970s. Colleen wanted to bring the wonder and entertainment of theatre-based performances to rural NSW. Her vision was to create a regional theatre that emulated the Sydney Opera House; making theatre both accessible and valued in her town and the surrounding community. Stella’s idea and passion was shared by a wealthy landowner in the area who donated $2.3 million to
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This legislation is the Environment Protection Act 1997(The Act). The Act provides The regulatory framework to help reduce and eliminate the discharge of pollutants into the air, land and water. * The Equal Opportunity for women in the workplace Act 1999 requires organisations with 100 or more employees to plan and report on their programs to ensure that women are given equal opportunities in employment, professional development and promotion. * The Energy Efficiency Opportunities Act 2006 requires corporations using more than 0.5 petajoules (p) of energy per year to apply the program’s framework to assess their energy use and identify energy savings opportunities. * The National greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act (NGER Act) requires corporations who meet the thresholds to report on their greenhouse gas emissions, energy production and energy consumption. They can also report on any projects to reduce of offset greenhouse gas emissions. * Office of environment and heritage (NSW) * The National Pollutant Inventory reporting requirements (NPI) requires business to report on their emissions and waste transfers if they trip any of


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