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Baby Girl: Preslee

0 Months:

1) Q: You are starting to notice that Preslee's crying is rhythmic and moderately loud when she is hungry, wet, or cold. If she is startled, there is a sudden intake of breath and a loud wail, followed by more deep breaths and loud wails. A: You try to respond to the different types of crying by changing, feeding, or soothing little Preslee. 2) Q: Preslee spends most of her time falling asleep, sleeping, or slowly waking up. When she is awake, you take advantage of the waking time by: A) rocking and singing to Preslee.

3) Q: For the first week or so Preslee wasn't very hungry and actually lost a little weight. However, now Preslee has begun to feed heartily and gain some weight back. A: You try
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Preslee's eating, sleeping, and motor developement has gone quite well lately. I've made it to where she is able to try new foods such as meats, fruits, and vegetables. She is sleeping at night to where Ill get up maybe every now and then to soothe her. She is able to crawl and search around for her favorite objects, but not quite at the walking stage yet. She is a healthy, happy baby around new faces but enjoys being with her momma as much as possible.

10) At 8 months of age was your child an "easy", "slow-to-warm-up", or "difficult" baby in terms of Thomas and Chess's classic temperamental categories? On what do you base this judgement? Overall at 8 months of age, Preslee was an easy baby. She has some "slow-to-warm-up tendencies, but shes getting closer and closer to achieving them everyday. She gets very fussy when it comes to having indigestion and diarrhea, but myself and her father try the best we can to soothe her completely with her needs. She loves exploring new things and familiar faces, but get sometimes shy around people she doesn't know.

11) How is your child's attachment to you and your partner developing? What is happening at the 3-month and 8-month periods that might affect attachment security according to Bowlby and Ainsworth, and various research studies? My partner and I are both working long hours throughout the day, while we have a sitter at home watching Preslee. When we get home in the


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