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NETW240 Shell Scripting – Class Project Guide

Shell Script Project Paper Guidelines
Shell Scripting Project Paper Guidelines
UNIX system administrators write shell scripts to automate repetitive administrative tasks that would otherwise take up a large portion of their daily work schedule. For example, a shell script can be written to perform the nightly system backup. The script can be scheduled in crontab to execute after hours when the system is not being used. The shell script benefits the company and administrator since a trip back to work later in the evening is unnecessary.

Many other system administration tasks can be automated to relieve the administrator of having to
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* Use APA guidelines and rules for referencing works.

Project Paper Layout and Sections

* Title Page (Topic title, course name, course number, session, student name, and date submitted – a separate page)

* Table of Contents (Sections listed with their page number, a separate page)

* Executive Summary (explains benefits of the script to a company CEO – separate page, 1/2 page, double-spaced)

* Introduction (Technical brief on what your script does – separate page, 1/2 page, double-spaced)

* Body (Broken into a heading for each line in your script, use 3 to 5+ double-spaced pages, as each paragraph is an analysis and interpretation of that line)

* Conclusion (The benefits to the company for using the script as an automation tool - separate page, 1/2 double-spaced page)

* Appendix (Place a clean copy of your shell script here, and any charts, graphs, or other supplemental information on separate pages.)

* References (List 5+ references – 2 textbooks/Journals and 3 WWW sources, separate page.)

Project papers must comply with these rules. * Do not print on both sides of a page; use one side only. * To avoid plagiarism, see Rules of Thumb, A Guide for Writers, pages 112-126. These rules apply to any graphic image, diagram, chart, or other borrowed information from vendor