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Case 5 Summary
Turnover and Morale Problems at TSA

In the case of the TSA; Transportation Safety Administration, the problem is that screeners are facing declining morale with a high turnover rate. This means that low morale and high turnover become prevalent through the screeners who work at TSA. According to a recent government’s report, low morale issues can make negative impacts on the employees in organizations. It implies that the screeners at TSA can not only be distracted on their jobs but also less focused on security and screening responsibilities because of the low morale. In fact, due to low morale, low payment, discrimination to minorities, and fear of retaliation by complaining, about one in five of the nation’s 45,000
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These three methods will result in a more accurate picture of the position, itself and help officers understand more about their jobs, lifting the morale.
In addition to complementation of job analysis, job enrichment, expanding job content to make more opportunities, is required for raising job satisfaction and retention at TSA. Among the five core job characteristics, task significance and skill variety should be encouraged more particularly in this case. TSA officers have to be informed about the meaningful impact of their tasks on the organization or the environment. For example, they should be educated about how screening is important to prevent possible terrorism or hijacking. Also, there must be more training and preparation for workers through better staffing activities so that workers can learn the specific right way to do the pat downs without having upset customers. It will be easier for TSA to motivate the workers by training the two features in job enrichment.
In the aspect of the collective bargaining agreement, the elements are strongly linked to the feedback from the job. If the job is done appropriately, awards for outstanding service are offered. Moreover, with a performance appraisal process rather than PASS; Performance Accountability and Standards System, workers can exactly identify what they are doing, which creates a sense of accomplishment and even more opportunities about their jobs. Developing feedback from the job that the


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