SWOT and Strategy Evaluation Paper

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SWOT and Strategy Evaluation Paper
Bradley Garner
June 18, 2015
Dr. Tony Bennett

Looking at the world today, no person can imagine his or her life without some form of internet usage. The Internet has become a part of our daily life. The Internet Provider industry is ruling all the other sectors of business. With today’s booming technology, most businesses have difficulty without the services of the Internet. Earlier day’s access to the Internet was a costlier, therefore confined to only high profile businesses and people of wealth. The average homeowner did not have access. Even today, smart phone usage does not account for the large numbers of families without direct
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They might provide national wide data but not the local content. The national wide data might be useful across the board but many customers who lack the intimacy are outraged (Varun, 2011). The ISP’s are facing real problems in rural areas, as they cannot reach them due to connectivity problems. These companies cannot lay their fibre optics in such places because they face problems related to policies and security. Also the government norms and regulation do not support such ISP’s entering these areas. Having poor infrastructures and connectivity problems forces ISP’s to rely on other providers and on their infrastructure.
The Internet Provider Industry offers a plethora of opportunities for companies. For the large ISP’s, building strong relationships with Telco companies will be fruitful. The reason is that the Telco companies want to enter these markets so with the ISP fearing the lost relationship with such Telco companies, they agree to partnerships. The ISP’s and content providers also enter into mergers for which both companies can enter new markets. For example, when Reliance Industries acquired Infotel, which is an Internet Service Provider, the company participated in the bidding process of a 3G spectrum. Through this acquisition strategy, Reliance was able to allocate and grab the huge amount of spectrum through the nation (Varun, 2011). This


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