Strategic Management Assignment

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SESSION 2008/09 – DIET 1

Module: B3115 TITLE: Strategic Management

Aims of the assessment:

• To examine the role of strategic management in planning an organisation’s future development. • To develop knowledge and practice in the application of strategic management concepts and techniques. • To develop analytical, evaluative and enterprise skills/competences associated with the formulation of organisational strategy.

The learning outcomes assessed in this assignment include the student’s ability to:

1. Understand and apply a range of strategic management principles/concepts and contribute to the development of strategic options.
2. Critically evaluate how
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This section is worth 10% of the total marks.

• Strategic Options/Future Strategy – Identification and explanation of a number of potential alternative strategic options (e.g. ‘environment’ based, ‘resource’ based, and/or other approaches) which the organisation could consider adopting to address the strategic challenge/issue (critically appraised in the preceding section). Appropriate criteria (e.g. consistency, suitability, validity, etc)) should be used to evaluate the options identified, leading to the selection of a suggested option(s) which might be pursued with clear justifications for the choice. Based upon the option selected, outline details should be presented illustrating specific elements/stages of a proposed future strategy to address the challenge/issue. This section is worth 15% of the total marks.

• Implementation and Change Factors – Identification and critical review (making use of appropriate academic literature) of a range of key factors associated with implementation and the management of change which the organisation might be advised to take into account if the proposed strategy (outlined in the preceding section) were to be pursued. This section is worth 10% of the total marks.

• References – A full listing of all academic citations and other sources of information, etc, used in the report presented in the Harvard system of referencing.

• Appendices –


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