Coffee Shops

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~Learning Issues~

1.To describe consumers’ decision making in different market segments when they choose retailers of coffee using CDP.
2.To identify additional research that should be conducted to validate assumption about consumer decisions at each stage of the CDP model.
3.To learn how to organize marketing program should be provide for our customers after recognize their decision making process.
4.To see the impact of brand positioning to the consumers decision making.
5.To recommend marketing strategy after learn about consumers decision making process.

1.0 Summary

2.0 Problem Identification

Figure 1: Crimson Cup market segments

As a wholesaler of coffee and
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4.Personality: person that need more energy and have busy lifestyle will take more coffee rather than people that consume it because of social activities like to spend time with their friends with coffee.

3.2 Need Recognition

Consumers in the coffee market will start recognize that they need to take a cup of coffee at least when there is environmental influences occurs, when their mind set that they must take coffee as the term as ‘consumption norms’ in their culture, they will need to take it anytime. That is the reason why the American will take coffee not only in the morning like Malaysian in their breakfast but anytime when it crosses to their mind. They also will take coffee more in the winter season because their need to make themselves hot and tasty, as well as the routine and tradition of sharing a drink with friends as a social event. For individual differences, the need of the student and people in the university will be differences each of them depends on their psychological affect that when they want to have energy or avoid sleepy when they doing their work, they have to take a coffee. The need recognition for this group will be high when they have many assignments that must be done every time and have to stay up at night. 3.3 Search When the consumers had need recognition process in their mind, they will start with making internal search. In their memory will have some information when they are exposing and have retention to


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