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The question of whether Katniss Everdeen, of 'The Hunger Games,' confirms or challenges the idea of an archetypal hero is one debated worldwide. Throughout the novel, written by Suzanne Collins, Katniss demonstrates qualities and undertakes actions which are, without a doubt, heroic. However, whether or not this makes her a hero is dependent upon who you are asking; many characters in the novel would have very different ideas as to what a hero is. Also, although Katniss may come off as a hero many times in the book, she also challenges that title in countless instances with less-than-heroic actions and thoughts. So is Katniss Everdeen a hero? Through her actions, thoughts and personality, Katniss both confirms and challenges the idea of a …show more content…

Through a lot of Katniss's actions and thoughts, she comes off as selfish and apathetic; generally not-so-heroic traits. We see Katniss's selfishness when she pretends to love Peeta just so that she can live, and go home to Prim and Gale. Katniss deliberately toys with Peeta's emotions, taking advantage of his obvious feelings for her; and, with only her own interests at heart, Katniss fools Peeta and lets him believe that she loves him. She only lets him in on her deceptive games after the games are over, and she is safe and sound and going home. It is a popular belief that a hero is to be 'honest, upstanding, righteous, brave and true,' yet Katniss exhibits the complete opposite of these attributes whilst leading Peeta on. In this instance, Katniss is almost the polar opposite of a hero. On top of this, we watch as Katniss unflinchingly kills another tribute, feeling no remorse; in fact, she is ready to kill another person at any moment, without batting an eyelid. This cold blooded murder is in no way typical of a hero; it is actually thought of as a very villainous act to commit. Instinctive murder is often thought of as an act of a villain. Katniss mightn't be a villain, as such, but she does certainly challenge the concept of her being a typical hero.

Katniss Everdeen both confirms and challenges the concept of an archetypal hero in numerous ways, be it through her actions, her thoughts or her words. In