Final Project: Overview of FAO's Strategic Planning

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Final Project: Overview of FAO Strategic Planning
William D. Towah
Walden University
The Final Project: Strategic Plan
Strategic planning is a fundamental framework that engenders growth of every organization; it provides the procedures necessary that would enable an organization to achieve its mandate, mission and vision of success, and thereby providing public value. This final project identifies and analysis the characteristics of strategic planning and implementation processes upon which strategic planning initiatives are anchored. The Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations is a selected final project organization and is used for cases application in fulfillment of the tasks assigned. This
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As one of its mission also, the FAO is to support national structures with research and the provision of modernized agricultural practices and inputs to enhance mechanized farming and to improve productivity thus harnessing food security. In addition, the FAO support member countries conserve, improve and sustain the utilization of natural resource base such as water, land, forest, fisheries, and genetic resources.
Socratic Questions
I. What are the basic social and political needs we exist to meet or what are the basic social or political problems we exist to address?
With the growing threat of global food insecurity pose by the rapid population growth which is estimated at 75million annually, developing countries are stringently adopting action plans that are aimed at forestalling and mitigating the effects that the increase population will have on food security and undernourishment on the national level. (Source: Government and stakeholders are therefore pressed upon to stretch the limit of political and socio-economic systems in order to ensure equitable access to food.
II. How should we respond to our key stakeholders?
Responding to stakeholders and customers is one critical means an organization can keep in line with its mission and in meeting its public value that it seeks to generate.


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