Role of Information Systems in Small Scale ‘Ready to Eat’ Food Business

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Role of Information Systems in Small Scale ‘Ready To Eat’ Food Business

Assignment 1B
COIS20024—Systems Management Overview
Term 1, 2010

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Jessvin Roosevelt D’Souza

Tutor: Asif Syed
Due Date: 18 May 2010
Date Submitted: 18 May 2010

Executive summary
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Contents Introduction 1 Information System 2 Types of Information systems could be used to support ‘Ready to Eat’ 2 2. (a) Business Functions and the role of Information systems in a business 3 (b) Need of transaction Processing system (TPS) in a Business: 4 3.
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To streamline the routine business processes of ‘Ready to Eat’ and provide real time organization wide data the following information system can be suggested: * Transaction processing System (TPS): TPS records all the business transaction at operational level. It converts raw data produced by the transactions into a usable, electronic form and forms the basis for handling the present. It generates all internal data that are stored in organizational memory and then used in various other information systems, O’Bren and Markas (2009). Ready to Eat can employ TPS to handle transactions, generate data about them and form the basis for much of what the organization known about its operations. * Supply Chain Management (SCM): Supply Chain involves managing the flow of material into through and out of the organization. The supply chain can be divided into three parts which are product flow, information flow, information flow and financial flow. It helps to generate the information associated with ordering of material, status of the payments to the suppliers and receipts from the customers. Supply chain can help ‘Ready to Eat’ to make it possible to have constant and complete knowledge of their product from supplies to final customer. (Mckeown 2007). * Customer Relationship Management (CRM): CRM is widely implemented system for managing the company’s interaction with the customers and sales data .It aims to streamline the sales and marketing processes to achieve


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