Uk Health System vs Aus Health System

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All people across the globe are entitled to the health attention they require. The World Health Organization has identified five elements to achieve this goal. These include reducing social disparities in health, providing services that meet clients’ expectations, altering public policies to address health, leadership reforms and increasing stakeholder participation (WHO, 2013).
With the focus on these five areas, Governments in each country are creating health systems that aim to provide services that are affordable, equitable and accessible. To achieve a sustainable health system, cooperation and participation of all health care providers is vital. This will work towards WHO’s goal of achieving “better health for all”
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The NHS is an advantage since it covers all patients in the UK. The NHS permits free access to a range of services including treatment by a GP, chronic conditions, surgery, dental care, pregnancy and birth and vaccination (Ingleby, McKee, Mladovsky, Rechel, 2012, p. 1). Health care entitlements are broad in the UK permitting specialized care in most areas.

Care and coverage available:
The NHS in the UK provides many health care services to its residents depending on the nature of health. This represents an advantage since NHS aims to provide a wholesome approach to health that enables its resident to access all psychological and physical aspects of health. NHS offers mental health services, occupational health services, screening/ prevention services, treatment in hospitals and dental and optical services (Goddard & Smith, 2001, p. 1153). Another advantage is that health services accessed are made by individual choice (Knowles, Munro, O’Cathain & Nicholl, 2006, p. 262). This represents an approach that aims to minimize health inequalities as a result of culture and language differences.

Waiting Lists:
Due to the National Health Service being a largely public system, it is often the case that there are long waiting lists for services (Gillies, 2003). This results in the delay of appropriate health care provided. In turn, this does not always encourage the quickest recovery for


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