Ritz-Carlton Case Study

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3rd Assignment – Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company
How does The Ritz-Carlton create “Ladies and Gentlemen” in only 7 days? The seven days countdown was a result of the evolution and refinement of the hotel opening process, which became more solidified in the late 1980s to early 1990s when hotel chain was opening many new properties.
The first two days were devoted to orienting employees to The Ritz-Carlton culture and values, while remaining five days involved more specific skills training and trial runs of service delivery. To ensure that employees are get aligned with organization mission and core values, trainers from 23 nationalities who are all considered the “best of the best” in their role within the organization. These trainers are
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They can learn more about their duties before they complete their training period, so they can adjust their position and job more easily. This also can affect the loyalty to the company that employees know more about their company and the key success factors more obviously, so they feel they are doing crucial part for their company. Therefore, I believe that Ritz Carlton should lengthen the orientation to further ingrain service excellence in its new employees which will ensure higher productivity and foster competitiveness.
3. Or, is this the time that McBride should consider a total overhaul of the hotel opening process? If yes, what should he change, and how should he go about doing it? What’s different about experimenting in a service business?
I think that The Ritz-Carlton hotel need to think differently because now it is not an opening period, but an ongoing operation period. Yet, I don’t think McBride should consider a total overhaul, but just he needs to change his view. First, McBride should change their training program’s concept. The seven day countdown is more focused on the employees, not customers. He should consider more about customers’ satisfaction. For example, the employees make the visit memorable for their customers by fulfilling even the unexpressed wishes and needs of the guests. It makes the relationship between hotel and customers very tight, and thus, the customers will visit hotel again and


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