Principles of Management

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Chapter 1: 1. Developing employee skills is a challenge in almost any environment. What type of skills needs to be mostly developed for EMAL trainees?

* Technical skills.

2. Once those employees progress in their careers and get promoted, what kind of skills would be needed?

* Human skills the most and less of technical and conceptual skills.

3. Go to the Emirates Aluminum Website at What can you tell about the company’s emphasis on people and their careers? How does the company emphasize the hiring of local, in addition to international, talents?

* The company takes a special care of its employees and makes a lot of effort to improve their human powers by training. The company focuses on balancing
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Chapter 5 1- What do you think of Agility’s approach to CSR? Is it alright to spend investors’ money on humanitarian efforts?
We think that Agility’s approach to CSR is simply defined as humanitarian campaign which helps people all around the world. In addition, Agility’s priorities gyrate around three basic things which are investing in the community, humanitarian logistics, and green steps. Furthermore, the company expanded its aid to worldwide such as in China, Pakistan, Sudan, Lebanon, and many others. In our point of view, we think that it is okay to use the investors’ money on humanitarian efforts since it will benefit the company in many ways such as become known worldwide and increasing their business among other for their honesty and their humanitarian actions.

2- Vist Agilitys’ website, , and go over the CSR section. Does the company do a good job in reflecting its CSR activities? What most catches your attention on this website?
Yes the company does a good job in reflecting its CSR activities, where everything is organized and wasn’t mentioning things around. What most catches our attention on this website is that everything is organized and they mention what they did and what they are going to do in future to benefit the globe.

3- Also from the above website, download Agility’s Code of Ethics and Conduct. What is the company’s policy regarding gifts? Can


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