Essay 1 - Role of the Educator

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“To stimulate life, – leaving it then free to develop, to unfold, - herein lies the first task of the educator. In such a delicate task, a great art must suggest the moment, and limit the intervention in order that we shall arouse no perturbation, cause no deviation, but rather that we shall help the soul which is coming into the fullness of life, and which shall live from its own forces. This art must accompany the scientific method.”
Dr.Maria Montessori, The Montessori Method

Comment on the above statement and explain your understanding of the role of the educator in assisting the child in his development.

“Truly there is an urgent need today of reforming the methods of instruction and education, and he who aims at such a renewal is
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Today silence game has become a part of Montessori classroom. 8. Sense of Personal Dignity: It was her interactions with children that led to the discovery that every child had a natural sense of personal dignity and if the adults neglect to respect it their souls will remain wounded. 9. Writing and Reading: At the beginning Maria had no intention to teach them to read and write. But later she found that the children wanted to learn, to read and write, she started to teach them reading and writing in a playful manner. She found that writing came before reading. In Maria’s words “They wrote everywhere on the doors, on the walls, and even at home on the loafs of breads” 10. Spontaneous Self Discipline: Maria Montessori believed that discipline should not be imposed on children. It will come naturally through liberty. The children studying in Casa dei Bambini were from slums. Weeks later with Maria’s care and training these children had adapted the new improved life style. They became disciplined, well behaved, helpful, and independent, were able to make their own decision and worked harmoniously.
Thus her philosophy is but a consequence of her discovering at Casa Dei Bambini. It is really this discovery which made her famous and this became the basis of her New Method of Education.
She felt education is the key to solve


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