Dash Diet

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Sara Terry Nutrition Diet Paper High blood pressure, hypertension, effects more than 65 million people, or 1 out of every3 people. Another 59 million people are have hypertension which is a slight increase in blood pressure which can lead to serious health problems (Nhibi.nih.gov, 2013). High blood pressure is dangerous because it can harden artery walls, make the heart pump harder and can cause the brain to hemorrhage. If not controlled, the consequences of living a life with high blood pressure can lead to heart and kidney disease, stroke and blindness. The DASH diet is often suggested to people suffering from hypertension and focuses on portion size, eating a variety of foods and getting the right amount of nutrients …show more content…

To help in weight loss it is suggested that a person would be moderately physically active for at least 30 minutes on most days of the week. Some precaution to keep in mind is by adding high fiber foods one could have certain effects such as gas, bloating and diarrhea. It is important to stay well hydrated and increase water intake or it could cause constipation. Also, the increase in potassium may be a problem for persons with kidney problems so like most diets it is always best to consult a doctor before starting. The reason why I chose this diet plan is that I suffer from hypertension. It developed while I was pregnant for my son and it has never reversed. The DASH diet plan has been suggested to me by my doctor while I continue to take medication as well. Although the articles state that this is not geared for a weight loss diet they all stated that while changing your diet, weigh loss is probable. The diet is safe and effective compared to some on the market because it does not involve supplements or food plans other then what is readily available, it is just about making healthier choices. The Mayo clinic suggests changing gradually, rewarding success and forgiving sip ups, adding physical activity and getting support. The only downfall I can see is the cost of fresher and leaner foods, but it would worth it for my family’s sake.



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