Us & Mexico Case Study. Comparative Analysis and Solutions for Successful Business Relations

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Introduction The problem of intercultural communication is not unique. While communicating with people from other countries at least once everyone has experienced the feeling of being misunderstood. Such misunderstanding in business will certainly lead to a failure, so, besides being a good entrepreneur and professional in economics, being interculturally competent is as important, or even the most important issue while conducting international business. The topic of this termpaper is “Mexico and U.S.: Practical issues of business collaboration” This topic is urgent because, although the two countries that make up North America are physically close, they have absolutely different cultural values that arise from their history, …show more content…
The "larger" system is valued strongly as it provides a structure and a sense of continuity that is comfortably independent of the people who work within it. Rules, policies, and procedures are sometimes ignored by the Mexican worker in favor of adhering to the wishes of the person in charge or satisfying a co-workers personal need. (Dr. Marc J. Ehrlich, 2006) Taking into consideration the uniqueness of each individual and the special value the individual's soul has for the Mexican, it is not surprising that the person would be respected more than abstract principles or concepts. This attitude provides the Mexican with a deep sense of loyalty to the one, with whom he feels an emotional connection, while, for the same reason, provides a deep commitment to the organization. According to the concept of palanca, or the leverage of power derived from affiliated connections, interpersonal connections may play crucial role in solving matters or getting things done, especially concerning institutional rules and procedures. For example, interpersonal connections may allow one to receive “special” consideration for business transactions, faster service in obtaining government services, and personal recommendations for new jobs. US Americans may tend to evaluate these practices as “corrupt” without reflecting on the similarities with their


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