Agency Role and Perspective Courts

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Agency Role and Perspective: Courts

CCJS 495
April 13, 2014

Introduction The Very Bad Bike Club has known to be a threat to not only the citizens but to the virtual criminal justice system. Furthermore, the Very Bad Bike Club has had a couple mistakes they made where law enforcement officers were able to catch them. However, when members of the Very Bad Bike Club get to the courts they tend to get bail or plea bargaining which lead to the members getting an easy way out of jail. The virtual criminal justice alliance is looking to put an end to that today. Furthermore, each group of the virtual criminal justice alliance feels like they can play an important role to taking down the Very Bad Bike Club. As the chief criminal
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In addition, the law reduces the violence and the rioting in the courts after a verdict has been given to the criminal on stand. “As a result, more cases can be brought to court, clearer specifications of gang membership per se can be alleged, and major sentence enhancements can be applied.” (What Are Street Gangs When They Get to Court?, 1997) Furthermore, this allows prosecutors and defendants not to feel threaten by the gang members who would show up in court to support their members of the gang. In addition, if a judge applied a big sentence to a member of the Very Bad Bike Club he would be assured that nothing bad could happen or would happen in the court room. The citizens of the United States are reluctant to change of how gangs are handled in court for the reason being they are afraid of mistakes happening. Furthermore, it’s unfamiliar territory to the people of the United States which causes them most of the time to not be acceptable to change. For example, a gang member can cause a riot or a shooting in a court with a simple mistake if not done correctly. Furthermore, this could cause the people of the United States to be untrusting of the courts that help put the criminals away. However, a new role for the courts would be to use hard evidence against the Very Bad Bike Club


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