An Analysis of Benefit in Implementing Total Quality Management Into B2C E-Commerce.

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An analysis of benefit in
Total Quality Management into B2C E-Commerce.

PMAN639-Project Quality Management
University of Maryland University College

Total quality management (TQM) comprises three elements; customer focus, variation and continuous improvement. Quality begins with understandings of customer’s requirements upon which the performance goal for the organization is based. Variation in quality is controlled by using statistical methods. Continuous improvement begins with statically defined current process and identifies the future modification to the process that might reduce the defects and increases the predictability of the performance. In
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U.S. State Department had sent Deming to Japan during 1947 to implement its statistical quality control process to help Japan’s ailing manufacturing sector. Deming's statistical quality control systems were adopted in the United States by many USA corporations which eager to improve their products quality and succeed in competitiveness. Total quality management (TQM) became an acronym for quality initiatives offered by Deming. The core element of the TQM is the supplier and customer and it is surrounded by the elements that are committed to quality, method of communication and recognition of change of systems within an organization in order to achieve the total quality. In the following sections the basic elements of TQM are discussed. The important factors of TQM are the following: • Leadership • Customer’s satisfaction • Continuous education • continuous improvement • Top management commitment • Statistical process control
Leadership is an important factor that ultimately drives implantation of TQM by creating the elements of needs of customer’s satisfaction. Leadership could be dictatorial (which most employees dislike), democratic (where each on involve in decision making, but the leader have final saying). Leadership may be participative where the managers establish the policies and make key decisions by considering the input from the employees who ultimately implement the policies.


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