Maybelline New York Brand Analysis

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I. Product(s) name Short stumpy lashes are the bane of almost every Asian girl's life. They tend to point downwards and smudge your mascara, and they lack the drama of foreign women's winged wonders. Now Maybelline Long Extreme Mascara focused heavily on their lashes. The product features an elastic formula that stretches lashes, and is infused with vitamin B-5 formula that conditions and shines. The product's name can be easily recognized and understood. The name stands for the functions that the mascara can last a long day and stay curl without weighing down lashes. The secret of this mascara's spellbinding length and remarkable staying power lies in a combination of a unique new formula and an innovative dual-step application …show more content…

This requires different product mix, different marketing, and really a different knowledge set to effectively sell and move these products in China. In addition, compared to the foreign deep face shape, Chinese have more flat face and small eyes. Hence, the key to make the eyes bigger and the face more stylish is Maybelline's first task to handle with. Maybelline has dedicated in-depth research to these and other issues, and followed up with more innovations in products to suit the needs and preferences of Chinese consumers. ii. Employee Branding Out of a workforce of nearly 4,000, 95% of Maybelline China employees are local and most brand managers as well as marketing and sales executives are Chinese. Hiring local employees is essential for doing business in China, simply because the employees have a better understanding of the market, the culture, the consumer’s needs and, last but not least, are more cost-effective than overseas employees. The key point rights here it to enable these local employees to serve as brand ambassadors. All the employees should have knowledge of Maybelline's mission and the desired brand image if they are to project the image to others. Maybelline should consistently and effectively transmit the message of how does Maybelline help women become an independent and confident individual and also the message will uphold the psychological contract of working relationship


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