Amba 640 Individual Assignment 2 Revise

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Operations Management

Individual Assignment 2

LaShaunda Person

his paper was prepared for AMBA 640, Section 1142, taught by Professor Mittal

Executive Summary The purpose of this paper is to analyze various techniques and applying knowledge gained to improve Acme Mexico City’s operations. The three operations management techniques to be analyzed are: Data-driven decision making, linear programming, and sustainable supply chain management. This report finds that data-driven decision making involves the collection, combining and crunching of data received from multiple sources throughout the organization. The technique can contribute to the improvement of Acme’s decision making process as a whole. Acme gathers
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Acme can show a higher performance by making use of detailed survey data about the business day-to-day functions, the ability to collect, integrate, and analyze data from all Acme locations allows the organization to conduct real-world experiments (Brown Chui, Manyika, 2011). The data can also link Acme’s information to its supplier’s database. This link will allow Acme to reorder hot selling items to its various locations. Data-driven decision making affords Acme the ability to track customers’ behavior at the click of a button.
What would be the areas which present challenges in the approach? Data-driven decision making requires that timely decisions are analyzed and decided made based on the information collected. This may present a challenge based on the culture of Acme Mexico employees because decision making follows an authoritarian structure. Employees at the operational level will require the input and approval of senior executives. If the senior executives are taking their time to reach a decision, it may be an opportunity lost or a costly oversight.
Sustainable Supply Chain Management
The Purpose of Sustainable Supply Chain Management? Organizations that are committed to the sustainable supply chain management seek to align its day-to-day operations and leadership initiatives strategies with its main beliefs. Nevertheless, supply chain involves nonstop changing markets and