Australia Vs. United Arab Emirates

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Australia vs. United Arab Emirates
I have lived in Australia, Melbourne, for 3 years and then moved to Dubai. However, I think Australia is where I belong. United Arab Emirates and Australia are two countries that lack resemblance in each other. Chiefly, Australia is known for its alluring beaches, and dazzling green environment. Unlike UAE, which is known for its great wealth and peculiar beauty. Predominantly, Burj Khalifa the highlight of Dubai.
What is similar between Australia and Dubai? Well there aren’t many similarities, but perhaps the tourism sites. Australia’s most visited tourism site is the city Gold Coast, which is located in Queensland. Correspondingly, Dubai the city of United Arab Emirates is
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Nonetheless, when used in UAE would be considered an insult and taken personally. Particularly, this means that Australians are free to say and express themselves in any way. Unlike in the UAE, it would be taken seriously and might cause deportation. Another example of culture difference is clothing. In Australia everyone is free to wear whatever they feel like or want to wear; whereas, in the UAE clothing isn’t a state of freedom. However there are some exceptions like Jumeirah or Marina, which are the touristic areas in Dubai.
Another difference between Australia and United Arab Emirates is space. Now what do I mean by that? Basically Australia is very vast and big, hence there is so much space for everyone, making it a non-crowded, peaceful continent. Unlike UAE, it is very crowded due to its small area. Thus, one would find traffic at any time of the day which is quite irritating. For example Ferrari world in Abu Dhabi, one has to wait at least an hour to ride a game, it’s literally ludicrous. On the other hand, in Australia there is no such thing as traffic even in the most touristic areas, such as the Blue Mountains in Sydney. Accordingly, space is another vast difference between Australia and United Arab Emirates.
To sum up, Australia and United Arab Emirates differ a lot and are both unique in their own ways. Moreover, the similarities both countries share are not as many as the differences. Frankly, I would rather live in Australia than live in


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