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Unit 16

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Appendix Page 41 Early Years Education

Early childhood is a crucial stage of life in terms of children's physical, intellectual, emotional and social development and of their well-being. The growth in children is both rapid and differential. A large proportion of
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They can also provide books, and visits to places of interest.

Acting as resources for learning- parents act as models for social learning, they also act as sources of information that contributes to a child's understanding of the world.

Encouraging positive attitudes to education- if a parent has a positive attitude to learning then they are more likely to encourage activities such as reading, answering questions, and will show interest in a child's school activities. These attitudes are influenced by their own educations experiences will pass on to their children.

The role of the teacher

The role of a teacher changes as a child gets older.
With children age around 3-5 years the teachers role is mainly to provide opportunities for discovery learning and modelling.
From 6 years onwards the teacher's role involves a gradual increase in verbal instruction and in providing opportunities for reading and researching, as well as stimulation reflection and analysis.

What is Play?

Tina Bruce believed that play is based on 4 things;

Your own rules,

Being innovative

Being Creative and

Being Imaginative

‘Play is serious and that it can be fun but is not necessarily always fun.' She believed children's play isn't always fun, but a way in which they learn and develop through life. She


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