Relationship with Writing.

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My Relationship With Writing Like most people, writing has made an impact on my life. I didn’t notice it right away, but once I did it changed my life forever. I consider myself to be a fairly decent writer and I would say it was the only thing that kept me going. I love writing that involves thinking and real emotion. Writing journals and letters have helped me get through a lot in my life and that is really something I will never forget. For the most part, I like to write. I surprise myself sometimes when I read what I have written. Essays don’t seem to be that hard for me and most of the time comes naturally to write. Ever since I was younger, reading and writing were always my strong points in school. Math and science didn’t stand …show more content…
As you can see, high school was full of ups and downs as far as writing goes. My attitude towards writing is always changing but it always remains something I love. I knew the entire time that it was something I would pursue beyond high school. What I have noticed is when too much is asked of me, it isn’t enjoyable anymore and that is when I begin to not care as much. This can lead to many problems like low grades. As far as my future is concerned, English has always been choice 1. I’m not too sure what this might entail. I might even become an English teacher or write novels on my spare time. I would have to say my only weak point in writing is poetry. Maybe it is because I never really took the time to look into it beyond school but when originally looked at, I felt as if I wasn’t going to be my fit. Writing has made an impact on everyones life at one point or another. Whether it be you read something someone else has written and it inspires you or you writing something that really just shocks you. I just want to make clear that there was never a point where I hated writing, only the assignments. I do believe I have greatly matured as a writer and know that I want to continue it for the rest of my life. My major with English will take some time, so for now, writing letters to my friend in the military and keeping a journal can only reinforce everything I have


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