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Eng100: English Journal Entries 1-6
Bianca Perez

June 10, 2015 - ENTRY 1: Me, a Writer? Attitude: Writing has never been my thing, at least when it comes to essays and research papers. It can take me awhile to get my ideas flowing. I’m very excited to complete this course so I can become a better writer. Although I often don’t like writing research papers or essays, I don’t feel that any personal feelings towards writing will have any negative effects on my quality of work. I’m looking forward to what this course has to teach me. Inventory: I am an independent learner, so this course is perfect for my learning style. I’m also a spatial learner which means I take in information by studying graphics. One way I would
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To me it’s easier to start with the main point and build my supporting details from there. I believe it’s the most effective way to present my topic due to the content. Chronological and spatial order doesn’t match because my subject is not time related or location wise. Once you have the most supporting details, the minor details are more specific and help fill in and explain the major ones. It also helps me understand clearly the relationship between a main idea and its supporting details.

July 23, 2015- ENTRY 5: Revising The purpose of the essay is to inform readers on the differences of sending out letters rather than emails. It is much more personal and special. The essay is stating reasons why letters are much better to send out rather than emails. The audience for this essay is for the younger- technology frenzy generation. I was able to tell from keywords such as “grandparents, an aunt or uncle.” I wouldn’t change the purpose or audience because it is clearly stated. The thesis statement is unclear to me. I know what the purpose of the essay is but it’s not clearly stated as it should be. I would change the thesis statement to “sending letters to loved ones is considered more special and personal rather than sending emails.” I believe this is a much stronger thesis and would expect the essay to be on this topic specifically. The author has provided a lot of evidence to support his/her idea. She/he compares