Doctors Without Boarders

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Doctors without boarders

This case analysis is about the work Doctors Without Borders do for the people with multi-drug resistant tuberculosis in the Sub-Saharan country of Swaziland and the story of a boy named Senzo that are in the middle of such a treatment. With a weak immune system because of the HIV virus, tuberculosis and similar diseases could kill him. With the help of this organization and many other similar initiatives, the Millennium Development Goal of decreasing the death rate of children under the age of five by two thirds within the year 2015 is slowly moving in the right direction. (1) Thanks to Doctors Without Borders, Senzo
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(4) TB is a disease that kills in the third world, and it is important to acknowledge that, especially in areas with high numbers of HIV carriers, the proper medical competence is crucial. With MSF having a standard of contributing quality medical services, and not "just" medical services, their work for causes like this is very important. All help to these issues are good help, but the cases of MBTB shows the importance of properly educated contributors. With highly trained personnel and the right allocation of resources, children like Senzo can get treatment, and the right one. He makes it clear in his story that every needle is painful, and that he hates taking so many pills. But he is also responsible and mature enough to realize that after his cure, the work of organizations like MSF has blessed him with a longer life.
This is only one example of initiatives by MSF to contribute to this part of the global issues. Our previous textbooks and the UN all agree that this is a matter that deserves our attention, and we need to contribute in any way we can. Other organizations like Red Cross, UNICEF and several WHO programs are all contributing to this issue and in terms of the cost of this work, it is not the most expensive of the MDG's to make this work. Other initiatives like the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation is known for large contributions for issues like this as


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