Promote Professional Development

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Promote professional development

1. Explain the importance of continually improving knowledge and practice Within my role, it is important to continually improve knowledge and practice so I am aware of how to give the best diverse and equal care to children, stay fully up to date with all standards and legislations. Regarding parents, they are the customer and this entails all care towards their child may need to be explained to them. E.g. what is the Early Years Foundation Stage? Parent evenings help me to improve knowledge of the child’s home life and personal care needs, as well as building bonds with parents so they feel they can further their trust in myself and my team. I also update the children’s learning
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2. How do you priorities development goals and targets to meet expected standards? In order to prioritise my goals and targets, I need to have motivation within my self and my team. Expected standards can include; ofsted, parent meetings and within my role, transition to school. If there is no motivation within myself and the team, these standards will not be met and this will then reflect back onto the setting, parents and most importantly, the children I care for. Ofsted regulate children’s settings and are aware of how the setting is run. The regulations are then cascaded to my self and the other seniors within the team to make sure all children are safe for example. So if there are barriers I come across, these are then put into action straight away. In order to prioritise these development goals and targets, I have informal chats with my manager and team and deadlines are then put into place. I have the duty to train apprentices to high levels of care, so they can also complete their qualifications and training. I do this on a daily basis and throughout their time within the setting, they are given tasks to help plan, observe and give one to one care to the children, which then helps me to meet my goals and targets, such as preparing for a parent meeting. I have recently completed an appraisal form, so I am aware of my strengths and weaknesses and what are expected of me, within my role. This is discussed with my Manager on a formal


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