My Report on an Issue/Area of Public Concern Related to the Care Profession – the Death of Baby P.

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My report on an issue/area of public concern related to the care profession – The death of Baby P.

The issue/area of concern raised in this report is as to how Peter’s death happened in the first place.

Peter Conelly also known as ‘Baby P’ was born in London, on the 1st March 2006, he sadly died on the 3rd August 2007 age 17 months. He died after receiving/suffering more than 50 injuries over a period of 8 months. During this time he was repeatedly seen by Haringey’s Children’s Services and its NHS professionals –

At the beginning of these 8 months Peter’s mother’s boyfriend moved into the home they shared, and this was kept from the police and the social workers. On Dec 11th 2006 Peter was taken to hospital with extensive
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It was found incomprehensible how adults could commit such terrible acts of evil against such an innocent young child and of course they were angry that no one had stepped in to prevent this tragedy from happening. It was also partly because Peter lived in the same borough of London, under the care of the same Child Care authorities that had already failed ten years earlier in the case of Victoria Climbie, this case had already led to a public enquiry into why this had happened and had led to measures being put into place to prevent this happening again, yet it had once more happened again. Peter it seems was failed by police, social workers, doctors, and nurses etc. He had had in total 60 visits from agencies over the 8 months. It was felt that had these people done their jobs properly Peter could have been saved.

There were a lot of questions and concerns raised in this case. Examples of these are - How when Peter’s mother named her boyfriend as next of kin, and even told the authorities that she had a boyfriend, yet not once did they ask who he was, ask to meet him or investigate his background, had they done they would have found that he had a ‘violent’ background. Then there’s how the paediatrician


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