Introduction to Personal Development in Health and Social Care or Children' S and Young Peoples Settings

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Introduction to Personal Development in Health, Social Care or Children’s and Young People’s settings.

1.1.Describe the duties and responsibilities of own role.

My current job role is as a care assistant. When I started this job management gave me a clear guidance and what is expected from me. They described the duties and responsibilities of the role to me. A responsibility is something a person is expected to do. I am responsible for providing support to the service users, which includes : personal care, assisting with eating and medication, assisting in toileting.
My duties are something I need to do for a person is expected or required to do. I attend regular refresher courses and training, and teach me how to do my work and
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First step manager training provides would be to think about what goals I have and then discuss with supervisor the best way for achieving them. Different development areas, such as practical and communication skills, goal or targets I have set and a timescale for achieving them should be discussed and agreed on e.g. with me treating provider- assessor. Next step would be a review process to see what progress I have and what I need to improve and needs to be improved.

4.1.Show how a learning activity has improved own knowledge, skills and understanding.

Learning Activities had helped me improve my knowledge skills and understand in a way that it gives eagerness to learn the things that is new to me and it also gives me new ideas that adds up to my knowledge about certain things. With learning activities it enhances more my skills especially skills that I am good at.

4.2.Show how reflecting on a situation has improved own knowledge, skills and understanding
In situations in my workplace, with the trainings that we are attending, that gives us chance to be familiar with the things and kept us updated, It helps us a lot thought because with this kind of activity we are given information that helps us a lot in the line of work but we are also able to apply it. Every


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