Race in Sports

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There are many reasons why the number of minorities that participate is sports vary from sport to sport. Race plays a big part in sports as well as in our society. Why is it that a group of people can harass and abuse a young black male for raping a white female, but on the next Saturday at the big football game cheer him on and hope that he has a great game. Over the years there have been some great black sports players, in almost all sports. Michael Jordan, OJ Simpson, Mohamed Ali, Bo Jackson, just to name a few. When players like these come along that are black and sort of take over a sport, many white male sports fans say stuff like, "He's black, he's faster than the white players." This tends to be true, blacks dominate the speed …show more content…

There were over five-thousand golf courses in America in 1939 and less than 20 of them were open to black golfers. Tiger Woods got lucky to grow up when he did, to have the chances to play to his full potential, to win as much as he did. As you can see many black players have dominated many sports in their time. So why is it that they still don't get the same chances as some white athletes? Some of the reasons are the people themselves. When asked why the number of blacks in the MLB has been declining, Bill Plaschke said that it is because that many young black kids would rather play football or basketball because that is where all of the hype and money is. Some current and former MLB players say that that is incorrect and that one of the big reasons is that many MLB organizations are racists and that's what turns the younger athletes away from the sport. In contrast to the declining number of blacks in the MLB, the number of Latino and whites has been dropping in the NFL and NBA, and the whites are fine with that. Racial issues in today's sports is a huge issue. We as Americans have two choices to deal with this problem, we can sit and watch it get worse and possibly ruin all kinds of sports programs and leagues, or we can try to fix it and give everybody the equal chance. Although I do not think that we should just let more


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