Athletes Lifestyle

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Unit 28 - Athletes Lifestyle
In the following essay, I will describe the five lifestyle factors that can affect an athlete. I will then go on to analyse each of the factors and how they affect an athlete’s lifestyle.
The lifestyle factors that I will be talking about include the following:
Physical Activity

As human beings we all need sleep in our lifestyle. Sleep is our recovery period; it gives us the opportunity to rest from physical activity and repairs our brains mentally for the next day.
Most sports that athletes take part in are physically demanding. Therefore, it is important that we have more sleep than the average person; this gives us more time to recover from our sport.
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Poor breathing control – If a long distance runner begins to pull away from the pack to early from the end of the race and uses his energy this will increase a runners respiration through the lungs, this is a somatic response to stress as a consequence the runner will lose the race because he wouldn’t have any energy reserves left.
In conclusion I think that stress is more likely to decrease your performance that improve your performance because from personal experience I feel better playing sport when im nice and relaxed under no stress feeling warmed up and ready to play.

Alcohol is widely consumed by people all over the world, some people drink it a lot, some people drink it in moderation and some people choose to not drink it at all.
It is recommended that Athletes don’t drink alcohol because it’s not an essential part of their diet.
If you do consume any alcohol:
Rewarding – Some athletes do enjoy an alcoholic drink after working hard on the track; some may say it acts as a reward for all that training they have done.
Socialising – Alcohol consumption is seen as a way of having fun, by drinking alcohol you get the opportunity to socialise with other performers and teammates outside of the sport you play.
Relaxing – All human beings need to have time to chill out and relax, if you had to go out and play


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