American Muscle Speech

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Title: American muscle

Purpose: After listening to my speech my audience will be familiar with the three American muscles of the 60’s.

Thesis: Although there were many American Muscles cars created in the 60’s only three were widely recognized.

I. Introduction

A. Attention Getter: A loud roar is heard in the distance as the driver revs his engine. Eight cylinders of Intense power with its five speed transmission. Cars that are meant to be raced and compared to each other. In an adrenaline pumping race of performance. According to Fast Muscle by Gabbard and Gabbard, “The decade began with Ford, GM, and Chrysler in an expanding cubic inch and horsepower war.

C. Thesis statement: Although there were many
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Its price range was about 2500 dollars

III. Just like mustang as time progressed the cars got a nicer design and bigger engines for more ability. Up to today model which is identical to the most famous IROC Z28.

Transition: “Finally let’s finish up the race with Chryslers”

C. Chrysler motor company

1. In 1920 Walter P. Chrysler created the company named after him

Chrysler although a little later than ford or GM they still managed to make

Their mark in the American muscle race.

2. The very first car they developed was the Chrysler six in 1924

3. Dodge challenger

I. In 1966 Chrysler answered to ford and GM in the American

Muscle car race. They released the charger through their dodge


II. Charge originally came with a 318 cubic inch engine but they

Had more options when ordered, like the 383, which had 325 hp

And the 426 hemi. The charger had a top speed of about 150 mph the power of the charger was like no other car.

III. The charger was not like the other muscle cars it had a boxy

Design. According to Holder and Kunz in muscle cars, “the initial charger’s fastback styling and tricked interior were the keynotes of its design. Didn’t really have a fancy design like the other but became Popular. Its design set the way for the other companies to start making their cars into fastback too.

III. Conclusion

A. Review of the


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