How Successful Is Singapore in the Sporting Industry

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I. Introduction
The body of this report is divided into two main sections. The first part addresses the main sports development in Singapore and the second assesses these developments and sheds light on problems encountered in the related developments.

II. Sports Development in Singapore
Much of Singapore’s economic success has been attributed to its status as a world-class commercial and trading centre. In the past century, the government has focused most of the nation’s policies to boost its economy and establish the country’s reputation in the global market. There were sparse efforts to refine plans and raise its sports profile. The report from the Committee of Sporting Singapore (CoSS) in 2001 stated that sports in Singapore
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The spexTEAM program ensures high performance by providing grants, giving the athletes ample support in regards to sports medicine & sport science and also organising joint schemes for optimal development of the athlete. The amount of grant received is based on the performance of the National Sport Association (NSA) and the athlete’s achievements.

Apart from programs to promote sports excellence, the Singapore Sports School started in 2004 offers integrated academics and sports programs to allow youth a conducive environment to excel in sports and yet receive quality education.

Upon completion of their studies, elite athletes who are keen on pursuing professional and sporting aspirations can then seek support from SSC’s Programme for Elite Athlete Career (PEAC) to take the next step in attaining sports excellence.

C. Sports Industry To cultivate the sports culture in Singapore, the sports industry has to be well established to marry sports to commercialism with the necessary infrastructure. Sports education and related career paths, along with research and development, are crucial pillars in developing the industry. Better understanding of the sports fraternity and rising sports culture provides the business community with investing opportunities and allows for more sporting events or related transactions to be made possible. The sports industry thus creates a


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