M3.21 Organising and Delegating

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M3.21 Organising and Delegating

Organising people to achieve objectives

Effective and efficient use of the team’s knowledge & skills while planning to achieve work objectives

Organizing is the managerial function of arranging people and resources to work towards a goal. In order to achieve objectives in an effective and efficient manner it is important to have a good knowledge of the team’s skills. Issues such as lack of motivation in the team, fearing of undervaluation or a poor attitude to work could fail the task and at the same time enthusiastic, motivated and given responsibility for their work team, can reach the targets and successful results. Overall objectives of the firm could be failed if the wrong person is chosen,
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After work, once every single property has been finished, it is my job to thoroughly inspect the work conducted. Over the years of working with people I have learned how important it is to be grateful for their business. Every day after all work has been completed, I like to gather all teams together to thank them for their hard work and at the same time I take that opportunity to review the progress, see if any of the team members have anything to say about how we are doing and I’m very happy to hear some criticism towards management. By taking these simple steps I have control over the manager who is delegated to the tasks and also over the people who carry out the work. Effectiveness of feedback, recognition & reward

Effective management of employees allows to accomplish goals at work. And to be effective it’s important to promote employee engagement, motivation, development and employee retention. All this comes from feedbacks, recognition and rewards. Since only one member of staff is delegated to give feedback I always take the informal approach. Simple conversation about what went wrong and what was done good. Thankfully for me i have somebody I can trust and most of the time the feedback is positive followed by recognition and reward. Recognition for effective performance and is a powerful motivator and just like I’ve mention before to demonstrate appreciation and to say 'thank you' for contributions that people make at work is one of the