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PDHPE Assessment Task #3-Factors Affecting Performance

Skill being tested: Juggling a soccer ball

Person being tested: metin (friend)

I have chosen to teach metin how to juggle a soccer ball as it is a closed skill and the results are predictable and consistent. Closed and self-paced skill as it is under the direct control of the athlete, making it an easier skill to teach over 7 days. Juggling a soccer ball is a gross motor skill as it involves large muscle groups such as the quadriceps and the hamstrings. It’s a serial movement as it in theory it has a beginning and end movement to each juggle making it a discrete skill, however it is also continuous in nature as the intention is to continue the movement for as long as possible
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Knowledge of performance can be received by both internal and external sources although as metin is still in cognitive her main source was external.

Day 4-
Today we went back to our original environment of the back yard, as the weather was fine again but the ground was a bit muddy .We used a massed practice today.
Metin seemed to have moved into the associative stage today as he made less frequent errors and was able to identify them when made but still not having the proper technique so we slowed down again so it wouldn’t catch up to us later . He was able to enhance her synchronization of the skill from both mind and muscle.
I used knowledge of performance feedback although she was able to use both internal and external sources again as his kinesthetic senses had improved. He was defiantly at the associative stage by this point. There was also delayed feedback

Day 5-
Today we were back in the front yard for the beautiful evening and did 10 minutes of the first exercise we did by dropping the ball and kicking it back up and then had a quick break and then started doing short 1 minute exercises seeing how many juggles he could do in 1 minute
His kinesthetic sense had improved dramatically and was able to utilize the sensory information gained from within his body. Today we used knowledge of performance feedback which was concurrent through his kinesthetic sense. For


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