WGU SZT 1 Task 4 - Disaster in Franklin County

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The most important aspect in managing a disaster situation is preparedness. The simulation Disaster in Franklin County highlights the role of public health personnel, with emphasis on the public health nurse because the nurse is often a first responder to such a disaster. This helps to examine the roles, actions, coping methods, and techniques used by a nurse in a disaster scenario.
A. Role of Public Health Personnel
The role of public health personnel is to maintain the physical and emotional safety of individuals throughout the community affected by the storm. Those in the Public Health Department are responsible for ensuring the citizens of Franklin County have all the basic necessities for survival, such as clean water, food,
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C. Resources
Through the county-wide set up of an Incident Command System (ICS), the public health nurse has many resources available to her to aid the community. To spread information about boiling water for safe use, the nurse has the assistance of the Public Information officers of both the Public Health Department and the county. Also, because of a pact Franklin County has made with neighboring REPLACE County, the Public Health Department is able to promptly begin inspections needed to reopen restaurants, providing needed food and a sense of normalcy to the people. While conducting door-to-door interviews, the nurse has additional members of the ICS present to assist in assessing the safety of homes and to aid in the evacuation of residents in unsafe or dangerous environments. After the providing immediate needs, the nurse is able to aid those affected by the storm emotionally and/or psychologically by referring them to hotlines and other practioners in the area for assessment and treatment.
D. Actions of Community Health Nurse The community health nurse is, through door-to-door interviews with residents most affected by flooding and power outages, able to intervene in unsafe situations. The nurse prepares before the interviews, benchmarks for the determination for safety. The nurse assesses these benchmarks by enquiring if residents have adequate food and medications, know how to