P1 Public Health Strategies in the Uk and Their Origins.

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P1 Public Health Strategies in the UK and their origins.
In this article I am going to describe the key features of public health strategies as they relate to current times in the UK.
-Monitoring the health status of the population.
This strategy involves keeping track of people’s health/keeping an eye on everyone though statics. By tracking changes in the health of the population health professionals are able to alert people to potential problems, for example regular check-ups, at doctors for asthma or Dentist to check up on teeth and make sure they are in good condition plus Orthodontic. Also the NHS provide a free midlife MOT to check people aged between 40-74, to make sure they are in good health and
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Also in hospitals they have hand sanitizer to make sure people wash their hands to stop disease and bacteria from spreading, also there are advert on TV for flu/cold the (Catch it, Kill it, Bin it) which is a good method that gets people aware.

-Promoting the health of the population.
This strategy involves promoting activities to reduce ill health in the population, for example the NHS can provide people with free condoms that stop people getting pregnant if there at a young age. There is also TV advertisement to prevent young people from sleeping around or use protection like the condom, and provide vaccines. There is also advertisement and campaigns encouraging people to be more active and eat more fruit and vegetables, like the 5 A Day Advert. Also there is a TV program called fat camp, where people with obesity can sign up to help lose weight by eating healthy and exercising, there is also weight watchers groups around that you can join, they even do weight watchers food adverts.
Another example is dentist have posters up around on how to clean your t eeth properly to stop build-up of plaque, and to stop tooth decay. Also same with smoking, doctor put up smoking posters to show people what it can do to your insides to get people aware.

-Planning and evaluating the provision of health and social care.
This strategy involves planning and evaluating the provision of health and social care, by making sure the government and county council provide


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