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In 46 Pages author Scott Liell is able to poignantly illustrate the colonies metamorphosis from a dependent arm of the English Empire to an independent country, the catalyst for which was Thomas Paine's Common Sense. Liell is able to not only articulate the turning point of the American consensus towards independence, but he also very intelligibly depicts the sentiments of all facets of colonial dogma and the torrential effect that Common Sense had in loosening the cement that held those beliefs. Using fantastic examples of the opinions of Tories, Whigs, and those ambivalent towards independence, Liell efficiently and
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It was this talent, the talent of garnering the favor of the people that was truly Paine’s gift. Writing, oration, and anything else were secondary components to Paine’s charismatic mastery and aptitude for earning the affection of the societies around him. I believe no matter where Paine’s endeavors had brought him he would always be of the people, so much so that he would actually become one of those people, just as he became an American.
Paine, born and raised in England, was relieved from his position as an excise man and after various unsuccessful business endeavors, Benjamin Franklin was finally able to persuade him to venture to the America’s. It is peculiar to consider that had he been allowed to retain his position as an excise man, Common Sense may have never been penned and the revolution may have never come to fruition. Benjamin Franklin saw in Paine what so many others did, a commonality to the people with whom he was surrounded. It didn’t take long for Paine to ingratiate himself into the lives of the colonials. Not long after his arrival, even while recuperating from an arduous transatlantic journey that left him in the shackles of bed rest, Paine was already reaching out to the people through his writings. Liell greatly accentuates the importance of Paine’s connection to the people who were in reverence and the


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