The Unredeemed Captive

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Haley Eppes
Dr. Quirk
3 September 2014
The Unredeemed Captive- A Family Story From Early America, John Demos, Vintage Books, April 1995, New York Finding out who you are, through hardships and ease, is the main focus of this book. John Demos wanted to write a story, and in this story the main focus is figuring out how to adapt to your surroundings and the circumstances that you have cannot control to best survive. With this he weaved a tale about a colonial town that was not prepared for what happens to it, and its residents. The story starts in Deerfield, in October of 1703 with a time of trouble. The town is in danger of being ransacked and taken over by Indians. The townspeople contemplate reinforcing their stockade but before
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We really cannot blame the American colonists for pushing away the Indians, whose ancestors killed and captured their ancestors. I was also unaware that Indian life was so much better than colonial life. Those baby carriers were always presented to me as a dirty thing that would marinate a baby in its own waste, but the books says they were quite comfy and relaxing for children. Children in tribes were allowed to do whatever they pleased, while colonial children went to school and had chores. Native American children knew not of discipline, while it was a regular thing in colonial; households. As adults Indian women gathered crop in fields, colonial women were housewives and taught their children if there were no schools. The men in tribes would hunt, or stay at their mother’s longhouse and colonial men would do various jobs in their community, depending on the person. The Indians were much more relaxed than the colonial settlers. I was unaware that the Indians were Catholic in some parts of Canada; I was surprised to read that most of the Indians had both Catholic and Mohawk names. Although it was clear that Mohawk Catholicism was very different from French Catholicism, they still had the same basic beliefs and principles of the religion. I would not have thought that French culture would leave such a big impact on the daily life of the Indians. I thought it odd that Eunice would forget all the English she had learned and just switch