A Synopsis of Christopher Taggi’s Movie 95

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Yiru Wang
Andrew McCambridge
26 Oct. 2012
Insatiable Desire
Christopher Taggi
Renowned American film producer Cecil B. DeMille once said, “What I have crossed out I didn't like. What I haven't crossed out I'm dissatisfied with.” (“Cecil B. DeMille Quotes.” brainyquote.com. Brainy Quote, n.d. Web. 05 Oct.2012.) This persistent feeling of dissatisfaction is suggested in Christopher Taggi’s “95,” in which the protagonist is discontent with his current life condition and keeps driving on the highway to look for better opportunities. In fact, the author points out that in contemporary society people are dissatisfied because of their insatiable desire for wanting more. This sad reality is illustrated by the protagonist’s
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The highway is an important symbol used by the author to signify the notion that contemporary people are dissatisfied and always want more. Hank and his parents used to drive on the highway because they wanted more than what they have and the highway offered opportunities. When Hank is driving with his girlfriend on the highway, he sees many billboards that attract him. Especially one billboard on which was written” LUCKY LEO’S FIREWORK EMPORIUM, it boomed in explosive neon colors. LARGEST SUPPLY OF FIREWORKS IN ALL DIXIE! FREE PARKING and DELICIOUS RESTAURANT. 20Ml.” (4) However, when Hank finally gets there, all he finds is the emptiness of an abandoned place.
He could see that “the largest supply of fireworks in all of Dixie must have gone off simultaneously a long time ago. Only the charred, outer brick shell of the building remained.” (5) This suggests that people like Hank, who always wish for more will often get disappointed by the reality and then again return to their initial state of dissatisfaction. The symbolism of the highway proves how people in contemporary society feel dissatisfied because of their everlasting demand.
Thus, Christopher Taggi’s “95” suggests that people in the contemporary society are suffering from dissatisfaction. This is demonstrated by the characterization of Hank’s parents, who always try to find a better life, Hank himself, who is never satisfied with what he already has and the highway that symbolizes