Psychology and Square Foot Condominium

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What is the best research method to answer the following questions (items 1 - 8)?

1. What would lead a person to murder more than 20 children and adults at a school?
ANSWER: Case study method.

2-3. How many drivers exceed the speed limit on the interstate on a typical weekday? (Note: We could use several methods to answer this question. Select the best method and explain why it is the best method.)
ANSWER: Naturalistic observation is the best method because the best way to obtain this figure is to count the number of drivers exceeding the speed limit without intervening.

4. Does the color of a car (red) cause it to be ticketed for speeding more often than cars of other colors (e.g., white,
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To what type of psychologist (looking for a specialty) will the physician send Alice (NOTE: not a clinical psychologist)?
ANSWER: Psychiatrists

28. At which university did Milgram conduct his campus research?

29. What was the highest level of shock on Milgram’s “shock” machine?
ANSWER: 450 volts

30. Milgram conducted other research on six degrees of __________.
ANSWER: Separation

31. What percentage of Milgram’s participants refused to give the highest voltage level
(in his first experiment)?

32. How many psychology courses did Milgram take as an undergraduate?

33. According to Milgram, are men or women more obedient?
ANSWER: Men and women are very similar when it comes to obedience.

34-38. Describe the reactions of people in the videos you viewed on Milgram’s Obedience to Authority study. Do you think you would react in a similar manner? Why? What does Milgram’s research predict concerning how you would react and what you would do? How did watching this video clip make you feel?
ANSWER: The people in the video clip, obviously, did not like when they thought that they were hurting the individual in the test room. Some were not nearly as alarmed as other, but majority some at least a general concern for the other persons well being. I think that my immediate reaction, if I


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