Practioner/Scholar Learning Model

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Practitioner Scholar Paper
Orientation to Graduate Learning
In Psychology
Heather Rajaniemi, BS
Capella University
August 25, 2012

In this paper I will discuss the concept Practitioner-Scholar Learning Model. I will compare this model with the Reflective-Practitioner Learning Model and explain what being a Practitioner-Scholar means to me as a learner at Capella and as a professional out in the working field. For me the first step in the completion of this assignment was to define the concepts of scholar, practitioner, reflective-practitioner and practitioner-scholar. defines Scholar as a learned or erudite person, especially one who has profound knowledge of a particular subject (Scholar,
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As much as I enjoy being in the field and will continue to grow through this experience I also believe that my experience in the field will someday be best utilized through Clinical Supervision and if the opportunity presented itself to me eventually I would gladly take of the role and responsibility of being a Regional Director. Next I would like to differentiate between BS level and MS level learning in terms of the Practitioner Scholar Model. At the BS level, Capella learners will acquire knowledge based on the scholarly research of experts in order to understand theoretical implications for best practices within an area of study. Learners will gain analytical and relational skills as reflective practitioners. At the MS level, learners develop systems and strategies for analyzing and resolving problems. In this practitioner-scholar area of the continuum, learners will build their ability to synthesize theory and application with an emphasis on application. (Capella University, 2012)
As a Practitioner Scholar earning by BS my role required me to reflect on solutions, evaluate the appropriateness of the solutions and apply solutions to solve a problem. As a Practitioner Scholar earning my Graduate Degree in Psychology I process information rather than reflect on it, I formulate new strategies or approaches


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