Bateu Bay Rockplatfrom Year 11 Task

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To investigate the Biodiversity of Wonga Point Rock Platform, through the following:
-Examining adaptations of the plants and animals for life of the rock platform
-Measuring abiotic characteristics of the rock platform
-Examining and comparing the richness of species in sub habitats on the rock platform
-Measuring the abundance and distribution of some molluscs and algae on the rock platform

During the investigation we undertook four fieldwork activities such as:
-Investigation of adaptations to life on a rock platform
-Abiotic Factors on and around the rock platform
-Species richness of Sub-habitats on the rock platform
-Distribution and Abundance of Selected Animals and Plants

It was found that the
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Results varied for the Bare Rock, where it was in the sun or in the shade. Rock pools were usually 1 degree above the ocean temperature this may be because there is not as much water cover; they are generally shallow and are placed in the sun. The air temperature was average considering the time of day and time of year.

This data shows that the salinity a relatively average, as the world’s seawater salinity is generally 3.5%.

The pH levels of the ocean and rock pool are average, and have not a large gap between the measurement of the rock pool and ocean.

Species Richness of