Transformative Encounters

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Geshana Nadesan
Student No:
PYC 3705
Transformative Encounters
Assignment 02


Geshana Nadesan
Student No:
PYC 3705
Transformative Encounters
Assignment 02
1) Introduction
I chose to conduct my interview with the non profit organisation “Focus on the Family”. As an employee and also having conducted my first assignment at Focus on the Family, I had already developed a good working relationship with Elaine Venton, our professional counsellor. This time however, I invited Elaine Venton, to my recording studio to participate in our interview. It has always been my goal to make my studio
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Gesh: I didn’t realise there were that many fields, so what area are you specializing in – I know that you’re doing your masters in psychology at the moment.
Elaine: I would say that I am doing general psychology. Er yes - It’s an academic masters in research psychology. Specialising in what’s called Gestalt psychology...
Gesh: aaah Gestalt Psychology.... (smiling)
Elaine: (also a gentle laugh)
Gesh: That’s familiar
Elaine: yes – you should know about that by now. Well, ours is a research masters but Gestalt is the practical application. We’re going to be doing a lot with early child development and I want to really focus on dealing with children and the early foundational phases.
Gesh: That’s very interesting.
Elaine: yes it is (silence).
Gesh: (Lean forward) So different psychologists specialize in different fields but when clients walk through the doors at Focus on the Family, many of them expect that we are able to help them with every problem. How do we manage that process.
Elaine: ok (speaking more deliberately) I think that at Focus on the Family, we do a lot of Family therapy, a lot of couple counselling, which is what we are predominately doing at the moment. The counsellors and the psychologists that we’ve got here at the moment are


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